Indie Album of the Week "This second album from the instrumental post-rock/metal trio is another monumental piece of cinematic songwriting easily deserving of an evening’s dissection behind drawn curtains." ... "There aren’t many bands doing what Dumbsaint do, and very few to this standard. This album is dark, challenging, and very bloody good." 4/5. The Brag
"Dumbsaint are exploring the semi-porous membrane between music and the visual arts with technical skill and style." The Music
"Not only is Panorama, in ten pieces. packed full of impressive musicianship, there are also ever-shifting soundscapes, well-conceived cinematic qualities, plenty of heaviness, dark and atmospheric bits, and a working intellectual element coupled with something decidedly more visceral. Indeed, this album is pure, inspired architecture of song." 4/5. Examiner.com
"Dumbsaint transcend the familiar 'post-' platitudes and deliver an experience that bears the darker echelon of emotions, one that will travel far beyond the eye and ear." Fecking Bahamas


Panorama, in ten pieces. is a suburban horror that tells the story of a residential street in darkness. Populated by a revolving ensemble of dysfunctional lovers, loners and shut-ins, the film peers in at the strange relationships and domestic rituals that go on behind the closed doors of one neighbourhood at night.

Containing 55 minutes of their darkest, most challenging music to date, the album was written over a year and recorded in late 2014 with producer Dax Liniere (SLEEPMAKESWAVES, SOLKYRI), in several rural and suburban studios. Also mixed by Liniere over a 4-month period and mastered in High Dynamic Range by Sean Diggins, this record showcases the band's intricate and unorthodox songwriting.

As with every Dumbsaint release, Panorama, in ten pieces. will contain a synced film component. The 60 minute feature-length film was written, edited and filmed entirely by the members of Dumbsaint. This surrealistic adaptation of the album's 10 tracks sees the band delve further into suburban darkness and the enigmatic characters that lay behind closed doors.

With a cast of 25 actors and shot over 6 months, this experimental work will come as a vinyl-only exclusive and be released separately in full at the end of 2015.

The first single and short-film Cold Call will be released on July 3. Pre-orders for the new album will also be available on this date.

Panorama, in ten pieces. will be released on August 7 on LP, CD and digital formats in Australia through Bird's Robe Records and Art As Catharsis Records, with a limited cassette tape release through Grimoire Cassette Cvlture.


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